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Laboratory testing is an important part of personalized and precision healthcare.  This data provides valuable insights to potential contributors to health issues, organ function and reserve, nutritional status, detoxification capacity, and so much more.  Lab testing also provides objective measurements that can help help track progress towards optimizing health and resilience.  As part of the Compass Center Functional Medicine commitment to helping individuals bridge the gap between conventional and functional or integrative medicine, we have partnered with Rupa Health to offer direct access to many of the advanced tests commonly offered through functional medicine practices.  Although some of these tests are already directly available to consumers from the respective laboratory websites, we are able to offer these tests at a substantial discount through this platform.  

Before ordering tests from this platform, it is essential that you read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions:  

  • The laboratory tests purchased through this direct access program do not create a physician-patient relationship with Connie Arispe, MD, and the test price does not include any review or interpretation of results by Dr. Arispe.  Rupa Health contracts with independent physicians to screen all results and to notify individuals of any critical abnormalities that potentially require urgent intervention.  You will receive your report though the Rupa patient results portal, but it is important to schedule an appointment with Dr. Arispe, your primary care practitioner, or another qualified health professional for complete review of your results and for guidance on changes in your treatment plan.     

  • Dr. Arispe's established Compass Center Functional Medicine patients may order tests from this site and discuss the results and management recommendations with her at scheduled office or video visits.  Although she would be able to access your report through the Rupa results portal, it is more cost and time effective for you to download your report from the Rupa patient results portal, then share it with Compass Center Functional Medicine through your Charm EHR patient portal. 

  • Dr. Arispe's established patients at Garner Medical Clinic may also discuss lab tests from this platform at office or video visit, but are encouraged to bring a printed copy of your lab report to discuss since the Cerner EHR portal does not allow patients to share documents with the practice. 

  • If you would like to establish care with Dr. Arispe at Compass Center Functional Medicine, please send a message through this website or call Compass Center Functional Medicine at 641-357-9355.  Leave a voicemail and staff will return your call as soon as feasible.  Dr. Arispe is no longer accepting new patients at Garner Medical Clinic. 

  • Dr. Arispe is only licensed to practice medicine in the state of Iowa.  Residents of other states may still establish care with her, but are required to be seen in the office for the initial visit.  Subsequent visits may be done by video for up to one year, then another office visit would be required. 

  • Individuals that are not under Dr. Arispe's care at either practice may schedule private educational sessions with Dr. Arispe by video or telephone upon request, but she does not offer this service in person.  These sessions are available to Iowa as well as non-Iowa residents because they are classified as educational rather than a professional physician-patient relationship.  She would be able to explain your lab results, answer questions, and provide suggestions to discuss with your healthcare provider, but would not be able to order labs, prescribe medication, or provide official medical advice in this setting.  

  • It is your responsibility to understand the total cost of testing through this platform before purchasing your tests, because these purchases are non-refundable.  Even with the fees, these tests are usually cheaper than the retail price or conventional lab prices, unless the tests are covered by your insurance and you have a plan with favorable deductibles and copays.  Tests ordered through this platform are not submitted to any type of insurance, and are not eligible for self-submission to insurance for reimbursement.  The fee breakdown and potential additional costs are explained  below.  

    • Rupa price for lab test(s)​

    • CCFM Admin Fee

    • Physician Services - This fee covers the cost for an independent physician (not Dr. Arispe) to place this order and screen for critical results.

    • Rupa Service Fee

    • Shipping Fee

    • Phlebotomy Fee

Link for ordering labs:

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